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Our How-to-Fight-Poverty.com Sponsorship Policy

We accept sponsorship requests from highly reputed establishments that truly abide to our beliefs on the fight against Poverty. We expect all of them to be 100% ethical in their business practice. In other words, their record of integrity has to be impeccable.


In case you would have any complaint with respect to one of our sponsor’s ethical conduct, please let us know. We will make sure that the matter is fully investigated. In case we find that the complaint is valid we will immediately drop the corresponding sponsorship!


On the other hand, if you find How-to-Fight-Poverty.com valuable, please support our sponsors. You will be proud that you did!


Finally, if you have a line of business that is not competing with that of the current sponsors and would like to become a sponsor too, please see below the rest of our policy.


If you are already a Site Sponsor, thank you for your support!


More on the Sponsorship Policy.

Through the format of exclusive sponsorships, we offer our potential sponsor the opportunity to increase his/her business.

A website like ours has the power to reach our sponsors highly-targeted customers 24x7.

Since How-to-Fight-Poverty.com is not a "commercial" website, there are few sponsorship opportunities. We seek a small number of quality partners, on a category-exclusive basis, who want to create win-win-win (you - our visitor - us) promotional partnerships.

If you are interested in becoming one of our sponsors, please complete the form below.  We thank you for your interest.

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