About the Website’s Mission and Us

About the Website

How-to-fight-poverty.com gathers the collective wisdom of men and women from all over the world who have implemented successful systems to fight the root causes of poverty and their effects.

It came as a result of our concern for the human being and how to restore his/her dignity as God´s most precious creature, by freeing him/her from the slavery of Poverty.


It is being developed with you, our visitor, in mind. Either you are a person like us, passionate about getting rid of world poverty and looking into ways to contribute to the cause, or a student, professor, investigator, governmental or non-governmental professional, honestly searching for ways to curb poverty. You could also be a person with experience in the fight of poverty… we look forward to learning from your past or present experience!

The site is based on years of studying and research. We have considered many angles and perspectives with the purpose to be as much encompassing as possible.


If you imagine a world where we humans can satisfy our material needs from conception to natural death, and where all of us have the opportunity to reach our full potential, you and we share the same vision.

We think that goal is achievable. It is a question for all of us work on it. It is a moral imperative!


About Us

We are a team of Canadians, from different walks of life, though united by a deep desire to put our grain of salt in resolving once and for all the root causes of poverty and its outrageous consequences.


None of us is an economist (I personally am an engineer by trade). That fact has helped us tremendously in the analysis of economic matters in an unbiased way: We don’t have the prejudice of belonging to such and such economic school. Our conclusions come from obvious observations. Moreover, we have avoided technical terms as much as possible. We want our findings to be known by the population at large.


We think that the majority of us are like the proverbial fish who doesn’t know what water is: We “swim” in an economy built on money that few of us comprehend. In addition a vast group of economists of the present and past centuries have failed in putting Economy to the service of Mankind. In that sense we coincide with Muhammad Yunus  (2006 Nobel Peace Prize) who has said in several occasions that “all Economic books should be rewritten”.


In essence, the site reflects our believe that we can beat the three major culprits for the current vicious circle hindering Poverty resolution: The present Money as Debt system, Corruption, and Lack of Solidarity, and that we can accomplish this ideal because those are human creations, therefore their elimination depends 100% on our own will and efforts.


Join us in this journey!


Herny Arvl


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