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Lack of Solidarity, also a Main Culprit of Poverty - Videos

Lack of Solidarity is also a main culprit of Poverty. Our self-centeredness and key elements in the Economy, in particular the Money as Debt system, have made us individualistic and uncooperative.

Here is a selection of videos on the Lack of Solidarity as a major factor for Poverty as well.

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How does Lack of Solidarity originate?


This is an attitude enrooted in our hearts favoring behaviors ranging from passivity and indolence vis-à-vis other people’s problems to extreme selfishness and greed.

In fact, our current civilization is built upon individualism: We primarily look after our own interests and are not going beyond. Such attitude goes opposite to the quest for Common Good, which is precisely the foundation of Solidarity.

In front of the bare necessities of life every human being should be equal. That should be a fundamental right. Yet, due to lack of solidarity, people do not claim for others what they claim for themselves.



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There is in particular a core issue favoring Lack of Solidarity: The current economic practice is Money & Profit-driven rather than People-driven.


In fact, Economy, especially in the last 100 years is revolving around theories that are not people-centered. For instance, economic activity runs around “creatures” Economy itself has given birth, such as ‘the Market’, ‘the Almighty Profit’ and ‘Money at Interest’ among others.

Current values give priority to the hoarding of wealth while Economy is first and foremost focused on delivering products and services, without necessarily promoting a better way of life. 

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What is the result of this reversal of values?


It is war of all against all, where one group of people has to win while others have to lose.


At the personal level we see that lack of solidarity prevails over the 'care for the other'.


On a fundamental humanitarian issue such as hunger in the world, there is a quote from Prophet Muhammad that is completely relevant: 'He who sleeps on a full stomach while his neighbor goes hungry is not one of the members of humanity'.

What we see in many countries is the exploitation of man by man: unfair wages, unhealthy working conditions and so on.


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In summary, the economic system goes against Solidarity. Instead, it favors an unacceptable inequality by sponsoring an uneven wealth distribution and economic discrimination.


The existence of the so-called 'social classes' and all kinds of differentiation among people based on economic grounds is aberrant.


By no means, we are encouraging here to go back to the time of Communism, or of totalitarian regimes. NO, far from that! It is purely and simply a thought on how we human beings have not yet been able to establish economic systems that promote fairness and well-being for all: i.e. what I want for me, I want for others as well.


We human beings should eliminate the Lack of Solidarity!!! It is another moral imperative that will also be key to eliminate Poverty!


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And How Can I Help?

You may wonder, 'how can I be part of the solution', 'how can I contribute?'. Learn more...