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It requires both skills and capital. These are the best ways to help the needy people, to help them fight poverty

by Rebecca Maglinte
(Libby Rd, Puan Davao City ,Philippines)

As a Christian educator and a food service attendant, I really feels very sorry for the very poor in our town, after it was hit by the super typhoon last December. We were suffering from famines and panic at that time, since there was nowhere to go; there was too much water everywhere. How we wished that there would have been at least one organization, based in our town, to help us go through, since our people was is need of a quick help at that time. But sadly there was not even one organization. After the super typhoon hit us, there were successive floods, and we couldn´t spare them either, since the land level of our town is very low. I am very concerned for very poor in our town, but since I am poor too, it is sad that I cannot be of much help; I cannot watch them and try to do something to help them; I tried to help them as much as I could and freely offered them and shared with them some of my skills on a livelihood program that I know. I started to teach them how to bake some special pizza that they could sell and get some income to feed their families. They were interested in starting this new livelihood program, but the problem was that they don't even have a little capital to start with. That capital would allow them to buy the necessary ingredients. So my challenge is to find a way to help them get some little financial assistance in order to initiate that livelihood program. That financial assistance would be of great value, especially at this time since we haven't recovered yet from the great crisis; our economy has been badly affected. I really want to find a way to help them even in a little way, not because I am a human being like them, but because the reality is that there are many people in deeply need of support. I cannot be at peace at all until I find a way to help even some of them. This is the reason why I came to this city so that I could diligently search for some assistance. If you were here you would also feel the same urgency to find assistance as I do. Would you please help me to find a little financial assistance to help the needy people of our poor town? Definitively, not only my skills in livelihood are sufficient. They also need a little financial assistance to start the program. I would really appreciate someone who would be willing to give me any
good advice for the good of the very least fortunate people in this town. I would love to hear from you. You can contact me at my email address: maglinte.rebecca@yahoo.com.ph

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Rebecca, what was the issue's outcome
by: Peter James

Rebecca, I am temporarily residing in Poland. Wanted to kindly ask you to provide an update on the issue's outcome and whether the aid was properly received and used.
Thanks and regards,

Have you knocked at a couple of institutions?
by: Jhon Seymore

Dear Rebecca.

I currently live in Colombia and in here the assistance to the victims of the super typhoon that devastated parts of your country, has been channeled through the Catholic Church. Have you knocked at their doors yet?

On the other hand, a project like yours to generate a sustainable source of income for the affected families via the pizza production, is specifically supported by organizations like the Grameen foundation. Since I don’t know the specifics in the Philippines, would you be able to inquire whether there is a branch of such organization in your area so that you can contact them and explain them your project?

I hope my little contribution would have been of some help to you.

God bless your efforts! You are a great woman.



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