En Defensa de la Fe

Insights into the system(s).

by Michael
(Brossard, Québec)

Hi All. This is a scattered collection of thoughts that I and at least one other person I know came to see independently of each other. In both cases it came from questioning the systems without prejudice or bias of any kind. Very few people truly have this ability, to shut off their instinct to judge things as they view them. The fact that two separate individuals came to do this on the same topics and came to identical observable conclusions hopefully means that SOME of those conclusions are right.
I guess the first pertinent insight we shared that makes the most sense as a starting point are the differences between the economy, the monetary system and the financial system. We use those terms to make distinctions most don't see. The economy = the time & effort put into acquiring production and goods. Was the time and effort used in planting banana trees worth it compared to bushes that yield berries year-'round in Mediterranean climate? The monetary system is whatever system you decide to use to keep track of things owed. In a society where no one's production is deemed above anyone else's, it simply never exists. When specialization and/or seasonal work becomes a part of things, tokens representing value for previous work done becomes necessary concept. Cowrie shells, tally sticks and/or fiat currency. Everything else came later: is based on the previously existing aspects mentioned above, and are totally unnecessary.
Let that sink in for awhile.
Briefly, we both simplified it this way: modern economic theory goes to great lengths to convince us that markets control economies. And the system is set up in a way to foster that illusion. But do the residents of the Philippines have access to the trading floor at Wall Street and London? If not, then doesn't making it dependent upon those cause all the profits made from investing in them to leave the point of origin of the generation of those profits, thus transferring the wealth from the workers to the investors? And isn't that true of every business?
To summarize it even more simply, markets feed off of labor and production. The wealth generated by labor and production goes to places not involved with it, yet without labor and production, what is there to invest in?
We both realized that the every aspect of the system(s) in place are a sham, designed to perpetuate the illusion that only the already wealthy can support the economy, and justify the funneling of further wealth into their pockets. I can elaborate more, but this is controversial enough for a start. ;)

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