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Humanitarian crisis in the Philippines - Please help us!

by Rebecca Villafuerte

Dear editor at How-To-Fight-Poverty.com,

My warmest greetings to you and your team!

I hope you are doing well by the time you receive this letter.

I live in a town that was devastated by the super typhoon that ravaged the Philippines about three months ago. Livelihoods of many people were lost and most of them got without jobs.

This week our town has been experiencing flooding again and we don't know when the flooding will stop.

As you may imagine, as a community we have not started our recovery from the profound crisis generated by such natural disaster.

On top of that, just a few days ago, the very first harvest of rice took place in our poor town though the reapers and gleaners couldn’t finish it on time. On the one hand the gleaners were out of number and on the other the rice collected by the reapers was very little.

Most of these poor reapers and gleaners are my neighbors. They vented their profound frustration with me: "Our income today is only 35.00 pesos for 2 kilos of rice, but that is before we deduct transportation and other harvest expenses. The remainder is not enough for our families’ survival".

When I heard this, I must say that I became speechless since I realized how desperate they were and the magnitude of such humanitarian crisis. I wished I would have had the means to somehow alleviate such terrible hardship.

I am not a politician nor trying to impress in order to get some personal reward. No, I am sincerely concerned for them and since they don’t speak English I think it is my duty to help them by raising this call for help. I feel their sorrow as they struggle to survive one more day.

This is a call for urgent help!

These people require assistance for their livelihood and a capital seed in order to be able to generate a decent income.

I need to touch the heart of at least one of your readers that is in a position to give us a hand.

I look forward to hearing from anybody who would be willing to help us. You can contact me at maglinte.rebecca@yahoo.com.ph

I pray to the Lord that he may touch many souls with our plea and on the other hand reward your efforts in helping the poor. You and I share the same passion in sincerely seeking the opportunity to help others.

Sincerely Yours,

Rebecca Villafuerte

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Hope the aid was effective and efficient
by: Editor

Dear Rebecca,

As discussed, we hope the aid was properly implemented.

Warm regards

From the editor
by: Anonymous

Dear Rebecca.

This is to let our readers know that you are located at Libby Rd, Puan Davao City ,Philippines.

As suggested earlier, please try to contact the nearest Catholic church and at the same time find out whether there is a Grameen bank branch (also known as Bank of the Poors) in your area.

In the meantime, we hope that any of our readers would help you to get connected with the proper assistance your community requires.

May God bless your efforts.

Note from the editor

Dear Rebecca.

Could you please let us know about the name of your town/village and province so that people willing to help can locate you? Thanks a lot.

Update on our profound crisis!
by: Rebecca Villafuerte Maglinte

Thank you so much for your help in publishing our plea.

My correct email is maglinte.rebecca@yahoo.com.ph and my complete name is Rebecca Villafuerte Maglinte. I have two addresses for contact purposes: One is Beauty For Ashes Libby Rd.Puan 8000 Davao City Philippines and the other is Purok 22 Poblacion Cambanogoy Asuncion 8102 Davao Del Norte Philippines.

There is no internet connection at our community. I just have the chance to read my email when I come to Davao City.

First of all, I have to let you know that our government here recently announced that they don't have any budget left to assist in our community’s crisis.

About the Catholic Church, I am not sure if they would support us since I am a Baptist. In fact, I am the pastor’s wife. We handle a Baptist church, but we assist as much as we can people in need from every religious denomination since for us Poverty doesn’t have religion.

On the other hand, I haven´t heard of any braamen bank here.

We keep the hope and look forward to hearing from anybody who would be willing to give us a hand.

I promise to provide full accountability of any assistance that we may receive.

Once again, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your concern and efforts to help us overcome our profound crisis.

Sincerely yours,

Rebecca Villafuerte Maglinte

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